3 Sets of DY Road Marking Machine Export Successfully

3 Sets of DY Road Marking Machine Export Successfully
On April 18th, 2012, Zhengzhou Dayu Machinery Co., Ltd delivered 3 sets of Road Marking Machine abroad from Qingdao port, 2 sets of DY-HPTP model and 1 set of DY-HPT model.
DY-HPTP thermoplastic pedestrian road marking machine used for marking pedestrian or zebra line by pulling the machine forward.
Marking Width:350mm,400mm,450mm,500mm,600mm for optional. Each machine could mark only one width.
DY-HPT Hand-Push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Marking Width could be 100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm, and the thickness could be 1.5-2.5mm through adjusting the screeding knife.


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