Big shipment of Road Painting Euipment And Paints to Nigeria

On May 13rd 2013, Our company had a large shipment of traffic lines marking equipment and road painting materials exported to Nigeria. It was nearly whole set of road marking devices, including 1 set of DY-SPT-I road marking machine, 1 set of DY-VHDP-I thermoplastic paints pre-heater, one DY-HP hand push pre-marker and 1set DY-WRC wind-force road cleaner. Besides the Nigeria customer also purchased 10 tons yellow color thermoplastic paints from us, which will be delivered with these traffic lines construction machinery simultaneously.

The DY-SPT-I thermoplastic pavement marking machine was equipped with marking shoes of 100mm, 125mm, 300mm, and 400mm each 1 unit additionallly according to customers needs, to mark traffic lines of corresponding widths. The DY-VHDP-I road paint pre-heater is vertical hydraulic double-cylinder pre-heater, matched with thermoplastic machines, used for melting thermoplastic paints, greatly saved fuel energy and heating time, improved traffic line painting efficiency. DY-HP Pre-marker and wind-force road cleaner are auxiliary road marking equipment, used before the marking machinery spraying paints on the road surface.

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The Following Pictures will show you the shipment details.

/road marking equipment and road cleaner road marker machines and traffic paint preheater

ten tons road line marking paint export road marker machines and equipment packed